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Agape was an orphanage

Through our history of mistakes God revealed his plan for Families

In the beginning Agape operated as a traditional orphanage for street children.  But after seeing the limited success of our approach our staff challenged us to find a better way.  After 10 years of trial and error Agape found a successful way to get children back into families and increase their impact by over 600%.  Checkout Agape Children’s Ministry to see how they were able to reunite over 2200 families successfully.

1millionHOME Campaign

The turning point in the orphan crisis

1MILLIONHOME is a three year campaign to bring together a network of practitioners, ambassadors, and thought leaders  to change to the way we care for orphans and vulnerable children.  We assist orphanage leaders with resources needed to transition from a long term residential care model to a family reunification approach.

  • Training for Institutions
  • Peer Mentoring & Support
  • Conversion Support Solutions
  • Technology Accelaration

join the movement

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access to resources

Training on Reunification

Mentoring by experienced staff

Networking with Practitioners

Conversion planning & Support

Access to latest technology

fundraising tools and advice

Increase impact on families 

Access to trauma informed practices

Agape Model Solutions

We can help you get there

Our team of experienced mentors and coaches are here to provide your organization the knowledge, skills, and tools to rapidly increase your impact.  Participants in training are initially excited and ready to move forward, but the realities of the day to day work make it hard to change.  We provide follow up services and support to help you keep the momentum going for your organization and help you avoid a turbulant transition.


Personalized on-site and phone support to help troubleshoot the transition


Learn the skills you need to make the transition at all levels of the organization


Intensive on-site strategic planning, guidance, and change management 


Get access to technology solutions that increase your efficiency and effectiveness

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If you want to get started but still have questions, contact us to schedule a video conference call with one of our lead mentors.  We can talk one on one about your organizations needs and find out how we can help you increase your impact.

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