Agape Model Network

Together we can make a difference

Partnership Program

When you become a partner in the Agape Model Network new resources and support is made available to help you transform your model of care.  We will use our 26 years of mistakes to help you avoid making the same mistakes and together we can work to transform your model of care in a changing world.

Startup Solutions

Get help starting up a new ministry or program to care for orphans, vulnerable children, or other at risk children and families.  We can help you navigate the rapidly changing world of child and family care in the developing world.  Don’t make the mistakes we made, let us help accelerate your startup today.

Conversion Solutions

Still operating in a traditional orphanage approach?  Want help integrating the latest in family based care, family reunification, or family strengthening programs?  We can help convert your existing model to take advantage of the global care reform best practices and increase your impact in the world.

Closeout Solutions

Not every program is designed to last forever.  If you are looking to close down or transition out of your ministry, we can help you do it in a responsible and effective way.  We can come along side of you to develop a transition plan to ensure the safety and protection of your children and families.

Agape Model Solutions Team

Our dedicated team of consultants, trainers, and mentors can help you get the most out of your program. If you want to increase your funding, increase the effectiveness or efficiency of your program, or want to increase your impact in the world, we can help!


Our free training courses are open to all and help to equip leaders, social workers, counselors, and caregiver to provide high-quality care for children and families at risk.


Partners receive a dedicated mentor to call when things get tough.  Get guidance and support for all levels of staff in the organization.  Request a free 1 hour mentoring session to see how we can help you.


Once a partner is ready to make a major step forward, our free consulting services can provide an organization with the plans, tools, and on the ground support needed.


We share everything we can to help organizations improve their programs.  All our tools, curriculum, and resources are made freely available to anyone who wants them.  Check out the Agape Model Toolkit today.